December’s American Diversity Report is Out


This month’s American Diversity Report include a poem by Vincent Ivan Phipps reprinted here:

Kwaanza Quest — by Vincent Ivan Phipps

After the presents have been opened and our belly’s are put to rest,

On the day after Christmas, we pay tribute to the first fruits of the harvest.

Acknowledging the tradition followed by 18 million since 1966 from East to the West,

Understanding Kwanzaa’s guidelines is part of our growing culture quest.


Nguzo Saba is the foundation that enables our spirit invincible

This is the guideline that ensures the seven principles.


By starting with Umoja, unity leads the way,

Followed by Kujiichagulia, which is the self-determination that will never fade away.


Ujima is the collective work and Ujamaa is the economic base

Nia is Kwanzaa’s purpose and Kuumba is the creative taste.


Our spirits will be protective, although our physical bodies my waste,

Imani is the final principle that embodies our eternal faith.


Paradise may lie in the afterlife, but surviving this life is the test.

Kwanzaa is less about the destination, and it’s more about the quest.


Editor’s Note:  Kwanzaa is a December celebration that is increasingly part of the the African American culture and a beautiful tradition to add to our country’s diversity

Vincent Ivan Phipps
Vincent Ivan Phipps

Other authors included in this month’s American Diversity Report are Editor Deborah Levine, Darius Myrick, Raj Asava, Wendell A. Brown, Jody Alyn and Micky Peluso.


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