Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo Says Weather is Cyclical

Joseph D’Aleo of WeatherBELL Analytics sees weather patterns as cyclical.  In this report, he uses graphs recording Arctic ice, volcanos, hurricanes, Atlantic and Pacific ocean warming and cooling patterns, to show decadal trends in weather patterns.  Current weather patterns do not show an ongoing increase in temperature nor greenhouse gas, according to D’Aleo’s research.  Interestingly, the 1930’s were very hot and dry by comparison to any weather patterns seen since then.

D’Aleo believes that a cooling trend is in store and that this will be far more of an issue than heat could be, with shorter growing seasons, and harsher winters.   He believes that the sun is the actual driver for global temperatures, as it effects ocean temperature which then effect Polar ice amounts.


2 thoughts on “Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo Says Weather is Cyclical”

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